Thursday Three – Things I want to do this weekend.

We all know I picked this forecast based on the colors used.

There’s a three day weekend coming up! For me at least, I don’t know about your work schedule. Nik has to work Monday, though, so I’m on my own.

We’re also getting a snow storm or two this weekend. Snow this weekend is anticipated to be between 18-23+ inches of snow. Or half that. They really have no idea yet. BUT then it’s getting too cold to snow again. You have to love winter Out in the Country.

Note to self: Pick up wine and crickets before the snow starts.

We were supposed to be at an all day basketball tournament Saturday but that was postponed. N and E will go back to their mom’s around lunch time Saturday and after that I’m not really sure what I’ll be up to this weekend. I’m sure I will be stoking the fire and shoveling here and there, but here’s three things I’d really like to do:

  1. Read a book with tea and/or hot chocolate in my hand. (The boring book I’ve been slogging through for NetGalley finally picked up!)
  2. Take a couple of rests or even some naps (Rests are when you lay down and relax but don’t necessarily plan on sleeping. Naps are when you get under the blankets intending to sleep)
  3. Yoga. I have a class scheduled but I don’t know if it will happen. I plan on going. The snow may have other plans for me. If we keep power all weekend (crosses fingers) I can do this upstairs in the cool or downstairs and make it a hot yoga session.

I might make some cookies or a fancy dinner but we’ll have to see how the weekend goes. Depending on the kind of snow, I might throw a ball or two at Nik. Who knows? I can even sew myself a skirt but let’s not get too wild!

Do you have a long weekend this weekend? What are you up to?


Join me for a cup of coffee?

This has nothing to do with this post, but Brody and E finally met and are now bffs.

So nice to see you here today! How are you? No, really, how are you? Anything new and interesting? Any resolutions or challenges for yourself in 2019? I’m holding strong at my no craft supplies! (Day 4 thankyouverymuch!) This weekend I have some time to sit down with just me and think about what I want from myself in 2019. I’ll report back. What would you like from yourself in 2019?

So, what’s in your cup? I left mine in the car this morning so I made a cinnamon sugar cookie cup when I got to my desk. It’s quite delicious. A friend of mine posted her whipped almond milk this morning and now I want that for the top of my cookie coffee!

Was it you who suggested The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as something I might like to watch? If it was, thank you so much! I’m in love. Midge is fantastic, Tony Shalhoub is a long time favorite, and it’s pretty wonderful. What else do you think I should watch? I checked out Abstentia, but it’s a thinking show so I don’t want to watch it at night when I can’t sleep.

Nik and I have also watched a few movies in the last week or so: How It Ends (not a bad movie, terrible ending) Extinction (interesting premise, didn’t love how it was done) and Bird Box (some horrific moments, but I don’t see what the hype was; would have likely enjoyed the book more).

What have you watched recently that you’d recommend for movies? We like funny, horror, or adventure. Neither of us are super into anything romantic or serious.

Oh crap, I have to run! I hope you have a great weekend. Anything good planned?

How long can I go?

haven't spent money on craft 010319
Well, I haven’t!

For the record, I haven’t bought any shoes either.  I can hear Nik rolling his eyes at both statements because as far as he’s concerned, I don’t need more of either.

What does he know? I just ignore him when he says such things. I don’t need that kind of negative nonsense in my head.

That said, I’ve decided I’m going to challenge myself to see how long I can go without buying any craft supplies (for me or the kids!) this year. The exception to that will be to replace Tacky Glue as needed. Hopefully, we’re good on glue sticks for awhile, but if you’ve ever seen E use one? I might need to replace them too.

Between what I have in the house and in storage, supplies should be set for a bit.

To start this challenge, I’m going to tackle the projects in the house because I think that will put a serious dent in the stash. Some of these projects include: (Italicized are things I’m working on for others; regular text is just to do to get out of the house.)

  • Grandpa’s T-shirt bear
  • Upcycle a skirt and sweater into a size 2t dress/tunic/shirt with shrug
  • Unknown number of wash cloths
  • Finish up the 5 hats I have started
  • 3 pairs of PJS (summer size)
  • 2 skirts for me
  • Skirts the girls asked for
  • Wall hanging frame
  • Frame and hang recent photos
  • 3 baby blankets
  • Various accessory projects, some are for me, some need to be sent off to others

I think there are others, but that’s a good start to list out. How much of that do you think will happen before I break and buy supplies? Ha. That was rhetorical, please don’t answer.

Challenges are good and all, but over the last few months, I’ve been working on being better at plans and not just dreams. How am I going to get from A->B and succeed at this challenge?

Right now, my plan to achieve this particularly lofty challenge to myself? Not go to the craft store(s) at lunch. That’s a really big step because that’s when I go most often. (After work isn’t usually an issue because I either have plans with the kiddos or one of my girls, or I just want to go home.) Lunch though? That’s tough some days. I  need to balance this challenge with the fact I work through lunch too often and need to get away from my desk on a more regular basis. Running errands and stopping by the craft store(s) helps to get me  away from my desk!

I have something in mind for that part, but stay tuned. I want to try it for a bit before I fill you in.

Do you have a stash of supplies you need to work down? What kind of supplies do you have?


Checking in

Fotor_154605596854820I’m here and alive and sorting things out after some very challenging days. I’ve been off work for the last 10ish days? I’ve lost track.  Suffice it to say, even with the crap drive into the office, having a job to go to that I don’t hate and which offers structure, learning opportunities, distraction and focus, among many other good things to my day is a really good thing.

After a long bunch of days, I’m reminded at this point in the year that I’d be a shit housewife or stay at home mom unless there were kids to chase around all day, serious volunteer work to do, or hell SOMETHING. I have to wonder if being home alone all day made the really tough time much worse? I know the insomnia didn’t help make it better faster, but also I know insomnia makes everything worse.

I’m practicing my breathing and putting the behind me because I’m alive, healthy(ish) and breathing, which is a hell of a lot better than the alternative. I’m focusing on the good in my live because oh goodness the good and the love abounds!

I plan on writing up some thoughts about 2018 at some point and sorting out what I want for the coming year. I didn’t do that last year and I think without a “theme” or sketched out goals/ideas, my year lacked a certain focus. (I know focus isn’t my strong suit, but this past year felt more scattered than usual.)

As I get those thoughts together, I leave you with a few photos from the last couple of weeks.

Post photo shoot selfie


Out take

Best buds
These kiddos. My heart explodes and melts at the same time
This one.

Hopefully I’ll be around more in 2019 but there’s life to live and not every story is mine alone to tell so we’ll see…

If it’s awhile before I’m back, take care of yourself, tell the people you love that you love them (including yourself) and cut yourself some damn slack once in awhile.


Join me for a cup of coffee?

It’s holding on tight to what it used to be.

Hey hey! Come on in and get warm. I love that scarf and hat set. It’s a great color on you. Oh, I made it years ago? Sometimes I lose track.

So, how much snow did you get in this latest storm? Our garbage cans had about 8″ on them when I eventually left for work.

By the time I got the deck shoveled off, the path to the driveway shoveled, my car brushed off, sort of shoveled out, etc, I was more than ready for the hot coffee in my to go cup. (Really, I was ready for a hot toddy, but it’s too early for that!)

Part of me is ready for winter…part of me is not. The snow is still pretty and fresh. Once it’s not anymore? I’m done. It’s too sad looking.

I have to say, I’m a really lucky girl because Nik got out of bed at 4:30am to plow the driveway and do all the shoveling before he went to work to finish a couple of cars. I only had to clean it up enough to get into and move my car once our road was plowed enough to drive on.

Told you, I’m a lucky duck.

So what’s in your cup? I finished my hot  coffee on the way so I’m having Constant Comment tea. If you’ve never had it, it’s a little spicy, a little sweet – almost like a chai, but not quite. It’s a long time favorite!

Do you like tea? What’s your favorite kind?

Five Things

You’re a vampire.
I’m going to bite you!
– E

If you’re one of my new visitors (Hi), I’m sharing five current “things” with you: Recent challenges, triumphs, funnies, OMG, and a question.)

Oh, Friday! You’re here! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. Oh, you came with the day off on Monday? You’re the best.

So the end of this week has picked up emotionally and mentally. There have been some very challenging moments since I checked in last. There has been bad news for several of my friends.  Cancer and other diagnoses, miscarriages, layoffs and other professional blows, divorces, fires, and more. I hold space in my heart for them.

Then the beginning of this week brought some really hard days, mentally, for me. The kind that leave you sobbing big hot ugly alligator tears for no discernible reason other than you kinda sorta hate everything about the universe and yourself but the thoughts just don’t stop coming at you. Sunday night and Monday were my two most recent personal challenges for sure.

But I would be remiss in mentioning that without noting recent triumphs. There were certainly victories for me in the last few weeks. Finally getting someone to understand something, a decent trip to NYC and fun shoe shopping with a coworker at Duane Reade. A great party for N and fun at Halloween. A lovely chat with an old friend and the perspective and grace that came with it reminding me to choose happiness and forgiveness – and being able to do it.

There were a lot of laughs too. E’s offer to take me to the doctor in the morning if my ears still hurt – but warning me I might need a shot; laughing with Nik about a smart ass answer from one of the kids even if they didn’t know how funny it was; the weirdness of Amarillo. Then there was the cabby who drove me from the train station to the office and how he was being rude about farts on a previous fare he didn’t like. It’s hard to shock me so I shrugged and said, “Well, I hope you excused yourself.”

But I don’t know if there was anything too OMG related lately. I continue to be shocked by the behavior of the Cheeto in Chief and others but let’s not dwell on the super negative. The election bought some OMG in the most wonderful way when voter turnout really made a difference. Maybe there’s something to his Make America Great Again…but not in the way he hoped. There was OMG wonderful food from the deli near the hotel in NYC and the cupcakes for N’s bday.

What was the most recent OMG food you had? It might have been because I was so hungry, but the philly cheese steak on french fries from the NYC deli was truly amazing.

Mission Move More – Lately-ish

2018-11-06_11-42-45I really don’t have anything to super exciting to share today. I could tell you I put on my new red sneakers a few times and ran up and down my road.

I guess that’s exciting sort of? It’s not often I want to go running and I definitely felt the urge. I guess I had some wiggles in my legs to work out.

It’s not a bad run. Even the hill isn’t terrible – although I’ve yet to make it up the hill without walking.  I’ll try again next time.

I do yoga sometimes in my office when I need to cool my brain off, stretch, or get some wiggles out. There’s a lot of cooling off my brain lately and I don’t sit still well. By the way, when your coworkers come in and you’re in down dog or child’s pose they tend to leave you alone or come back later. Maybe I should close my door? I also have office dance parties by myself when I just get up and bust a move.

I know I’m not the dancer I think I am in my head so I close my door for those.

Really, a lot of the moving I get done is walking from one room to another  or up and down the stairs because I forget what I got up for or why I went into another room. I also carry a lot of laundry up and down the stairs because Nik doesn’t like the laundry basket being on the laundry room floor.

Oh and I rearranged the pantry the other day and cleaned that out. That was a lot of squats, let me tell you!

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m doing a lot of moving around, but not a lot of what you might think of as traditional exercise.  While I likely need to step it up a bit still if you ask my doctor, we’re not asking her today and I’ll do what I can when I can.

Yes, I know I’m “supposed” to do more, but doing what I’m “supposed” to do doesn’t usually work out for me so well. I’ll go with what my body and brain insist upon.

Do you get the exercise you’re “supposed” to? Do you prefer traditional exercise or more non-traditional movement?


The Good Stuff: September-October

On the water and last bit of summer in my face

There’s a lot of crap out there. Crappy news, crappy people. Really crappy moments. I think it’s important to pay attention to the good things. Remember them and carry those with you or the bad things keep weighing you down.

Besides, when you look for the good things, you find more good things and maybe life isn’t quite so bad.

If it’s not your style (yet, because you can totally retrain your brain), I challenge you to find one good thing about today – even if it’s something tiny. (Also a former CIA analyst shared some coping strategies for the bad stuff.)

Last night and this morning were hard. It seems the further I get from the harsh anxiety I used to deal with day in and out, the harder it hits when it sneaks up on me. Damn whoremones I tell you.

I’m making it a point to put this together to focus on the good in my life.

Moments to make me smile:

  • Two months off from sports
  • Crafts with the girls
  • People watching at a nearby Walmart
  • Sick time to use when I can’t see after a migraine
  • One perfect glass of Pinot Grigio (with ice)
  • Wonderful girls to brunch with
  • Wrapping up a major project
  • Babies to welcome to the family.
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Hot tea
  • Pop doing well in surgery
  • Sushi lunches
  • Cool nights by the fire
  • Giggling with N & E
  • Party planning
  • Walking away with my head held high when it was their intention to tear me down
  • Fall colors against the blue sky
  • A hugely successful party and birthday
  • How much better I feel when I drink 80-90 oz of water. Yeah I pee a lot, but it’s a few quiet moments
  • A successful Halloween costume for me – except for the teeth because I couldn’t get them to stick. (I was a Warm Vampire. I know a lot of women would have gone for a sexy one, but frankly I like being warm better.)

Good reads:

September and October had me re-reading The Girl with Silver Eyes to read with N and just for fun I started The Homecoming again. I’m also working on some NetGalley books but they haven’t been great so they’re hard to get through. I’ve also been reading federal and NY regs on Lunch Shaming, federal grant administration, and my favorite and yours! Changes to the NYS Sexual Harassment laws. Oh and we can’t forget kids books. E recently discovered Fancy Nancy and I love how much she loves it.

And now onto the web. The (in)glorious web.

Favorite pics:
Fotor_15381812067588Fotor_153767202406634 Fotor_153925939027394Fotor_153767212116042

You can see more pictures on my Instagram.

Podcasts you might like:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience with Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me with Anna Kendrick

Music to feed my soul:

How about you? What good things do you have for September and October to share?

Join me for a cup of coffee?

Oh hey there!

Well hello there! It’s so nice to see you. Thank you so much for joining me for a cup of coffee this afternoon. It seems fitting to meet up for a toasty warm beverage on such a cold dreary day. You look cozy! I like the scarf you chose to go with your outfit. It brings out your eyes.

Although I’m ready for cooler temps, I wish it wasn’t dreary. It just feels colder and less inviting. Give me a bright blue sky and crisp white snow, not this grey and mud.  That said, the downpour I woke up to today sounded really nice. You know, a torrential downpour on the roof.

What’s in your cup? I’m actually having Constant Comment tea this afternoon instead of coffee. It’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and just what the doctor called for. And by “the doctor” I mean my belly.

So how have you been? Anything new? I’ve been crocheting a lot lately and working on greeting cards for my upcoming show. I am also trying to sort out a new wine charm display. We’ll see. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t. Oh and this week the kids did Halloween. N was a football player, E was Owlette, and I was a warm vampire in my redesigned hoodie. The kids seemed to have a great time, but I was ready to go home when E decided she was done. Did you celebrate Halloween? Do you still dress up?

Anything fun going on this weekend? We have the kids all weekend and a boat load of plans including basketball shoe shopping. I love shoe shopping, but this is not my favorite kind. I’m looking forward to some painting I have to do later this weekend for the show. Do you have anything you’re looking forward to this weekend?

Oh man, I have to run an errand so I’m off. I hope you have a great weekend!