Join me for a cup of coffee?

My glasses aren’t really that tilted.
At least I don’t think they are?
Anyway, I needed this cup to remind myself that I can do hard things.
Especially now.

Thanks for meeting me today! Since I can’t even pretend we’re meeting in person, how is it where you are?

It’s cold and dreary here so there’s nothing like a warm beverage to feel a little cozy. And a space heater.

Days like these make me long for an overstuffed chair with a book, a cozy blanket, and a hot mug of something.

Today it’s coffee. Lately it’s been all coffee, all day with water mixed in for good measure.

Right now, I have some regular coffee in my cup with some almond creamer, but if I make another one I might have some tea. We’ll see how the day goes. 

How have you been? Really. This whole situation is so messed up, but we’re still making the best of it.

Day by day. Sometimes hour by hour.

Nik has finished the chicken coop which he built in the old barn. Hopefully the kids will paint it this weekend so it can be hosed down when needed. I’m thinking of making labels for the chickens’ roosts. Even if they don’t use them, I think it’ll be cute . They’re going to be moved in there soon. They’re getting so big.

(I still don’t want much to do with them, but they’re sort of cute, I guess.)

Mazzy is a love. A total jerk sometimes, but a love mostly. For her 6 month birthday, we got to have x-rays done of her digestive track because she got ahold of my pin cushion. (She was fine.) Then Sunday night she got ahold of something that made her sick for hours on Monday. So much doggie vomit. Poor girl didn’t know what was going on with her and she was so confused. Eventually, she fell asleep on my lap watching Criminal Minds. (She’s been fine since.)

And the kids are doing well. They’ve adjusted mostly to the new normal of half the week at their moms, half the week here during the day. We have a schedule that’s working for us in our home and we’re all learning a lot. (Academically and otherwise!)

So far, I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I was absolutely correct in my choice not to be a primary school teacher, but middle school is alright. Also, that I do better working from home many days than I thought I would.

What have you learned lately?

Join me for a cup of coffee?

This love is 3 months old today!

Hey there! Thanks so much for meeting me today. I’m having an extra big cup of coffee today because it’s been a LONG week of multiple wake ups each night and early mornings each day.

How was your week? What’s in your cup? Right now my cup has regular old coffee with vanilla almond creamer. I think next will be some sugar cookie coffee with almond creamer. (Do I really need more coffee? Maybe. There’s a lot of laundry to do tonight.)

Oh, I had a couple of messages about my switch to almond and/or coconut creamer and why I made such a switch?

While I’m not classically allergic to milk and milk products, they’ve never made me feel good. Creamers and the like make me feel really icky sometimes and drinking milk usually has pretty awful results.

I switched over when Trader Joe started selling coconut creamer. I like coconut, why not try it? Other places had it, but it was really expensive. TJ was a feasible option.

While I can’t say it’s better for everyone, I definitely feel better when I drink it and not dairy creamers.

Anyway. TL;DR I’m not being pretentious or becoming vegan, I just feel better when I drink it.

So how is your new year going? I’m settling down into the new routine but it’s going to need some tweeks. Like do I need to lay down on the couch and close my eyes after I take Mazzy out and then feed her? Not every day.

I’m also making some progress on what I want to work towards this year. A friend of mine posted his goals and the format is great! When I get mine together, I’ll share the format and some of the goals. Some aren’t for public consumption.

One BIG one is that I want to get the finished craft stuff out of the house. I just have to figure out the best way. (I mean other than just donating it all…which I’m open to, it’s just not my first choice.) I’m going to have another cup of coffee while I think about that!

I’ll see you later? If you’re in the storm and frigid temps stay safe this weekend! Oh and if you have a three day weekend? Enjoy your day off.

Join me for a cup of coffee?

Hard to be mad...
The beauty after the storm

Hey hey! What’s in your cup today? No, I don’t have super caffeinated today, just regular.

I know. I look tired. I was decently well rested up until the snow storm earlier this week, but now everything is out of whack again.  Yes, I realize that the people who called me ma’am had reason to think maybe it wasn’t Ms. but Ma’am? Man…I’m absolutely going to take a nap on Saturday before I have to go to the work party.

How have you been? Did you get hammered with the snow? We got a fair amount. About 18-20″? It wasn’t terrible although I could have done without the last couple of inches!

Nik didn’t end up scolding me for shoveling the roof off. It’s like he thinks I’m a klutz or something and shouldn’t be out on a roof in the snow! (He ended up thanking me for taking care of it so it was done before dark.)

How was your week? Mine was one of ups and downs. Some things I’ve been working towards for quite a bit of time aren’t going to come to be. It’s okay. It means they’re not actually right for me and there’s something different I need to do first or a different opportunity for me.

One of those things? The yoga program I was helping build. After working on it for almost a year, it was axed on Monday. While we got word last night that it may be able to continue, I don’t know more than that yet.  I was torn because I had been pretty sad that we thought it was done and was left wondering what was going to fill that bit of void. However, after talking to Nik, I decided I’m going to step back from teaching yoga for at least the time being.

There’s a lot of rushing around right now. I want to slow down a little and have more than one evening a week to chill out with Nik, to meet friends for a drink or dinner, take an interesting class, catch up on laundry etc.

I am feel very unbalanced, scattered, and not me. I want to get back to MY practice – which I don’t do when I’m teaching. (Swimming was the same way.) It’s why I don’t try to make a go of writing, crafting, etc full time. When I “have” to do something, I have the hardest time getting motivated to do it for me. I do yoga for me.

Is there anything you feel that way about? That you could make money on it, even really good money, but you don’t because once you “have” to, you just don’t want to?

I have to get a refill, I’ll see you later?

Have a great weekend!



Join me for a cup of coffee?


Hey there! Thanks so much for meeting me today. Seeing your face is likely going to be one of the lovely parts of my day. How have you been? Is anything new or exciting since the last time we checked in?

What’s in your cup? I have the usual, but it’s hot and working so there’s that. I’m pretty zonked today, because I’m cramming too much into too little time again. Even if I’m not physically working on a lot of stuff right now, mentally, my wheels are spinning and racing to keep up, prioritize projects and events, and take care of me along with Nik and the girls. I’m working on better balance, but sometimes it’s not possible.  I’m seriously looking forward to the week off we have in December. This year, I’m not bringing work home with me!

Happy day after Halloween if you’re in the US. I do hope you got your favorite candy. If you’re not in the US or do not otherwise celebrate Halloween, was there anything fun about yesterday?

What’s your favorite candy? I’m a sucker for Peanut Butter Cups, Starburts, and sugar candy like Smarties and candy necklaces.

So, this year I ended up with three costumes although two overlapped somewhat and used part of a costume from last year. Last Saturday, we went to a friend’s birthday party and Nik woke me up from my nap dressed as BatDad. Alright, to the costume part of my closet I go. I chose my gumball machine costume from Kel’s birthday a few years back because it’s cute, but not revealing and can be warm if needed.

For work yesterday, I wore my bat leggings, mini dress, and hoodie from last year. E insisted I needed red red lipstick so I added that too. (Although she was equally as insistent that I NOT GET ANY ON HER.) I guess you could say I was dressed as a younger version of Mehmere since she was the Old Bat.

For trick or treating, I swapped out the bat leggings for my dragon scale leggins and accessories.

Nothing was super involved, but all of it was fun! I just love making costumes and putting together the whole ensemble. (C’mon I picked out a specific outfit to buy a house, of course I do up Halloween!)

I guess a bunch of semesters of costume lab at school and fun have stuck with me all these years. Dad and Mehmere also made our costumes for YEARS. One year I was a Pickle, another Lilith from Cheers. My brother was a Star Fleet Cadet one year and a bag of Fritos another. I’d have to look up some others. It was really good times.

I’m already brainstorming for next year. Halloween is on a Saturday so we might have a get together. I’ll likely need at least 3 costumes again next year. Hmmm.

So! What was your favorite costume? Are you a maker or a buyer? No judgement, we all have our strengths.

I have to be off, I might have been up late sampling the candy that we didn’t hand out and I’m definitely going to need more more coffee. I hope you have a great day and if you didn’t get your favorite candy, remember it’s half off today!


Join me for a cup of coffee?

Hi there, thanks so much for meeting me. Magic Bean Water for blogIt’s been a long time since we’ve met for coffee! Not to worry, I’m still drinking the magical bean water, mostly in reasonable amounts. Sometimes in borderline excessive amounts, but who’s really tracking it?

How about you? What’s in your cup? By the way, thanks so much for your kind words the other day when I was having some challenges. Knowing I have you by my side makes everything feel figureoutable.

There was something else I wanted to share with you, but I can’t remember right now. I have a mild headache from the weather changes and clenching my jaw. It is just distracting enough to make me flighty but not bad enough to be actually concerned about. Maybe more coffee with help!

Today, I have regular flavored coffee with almond creamer (it was on sale and isn’t that bad). I prefer the coconut creamer, but this one had bonus points with Fetch or Ibotta so I went with it. While I certainly have my preferences in life, when it comes to certain things, I’m not as picky as I am with others. (Heads up, both links are referral links if you use them I get bonuses. They’re super easy to use; scan or upload your receipt and keep an eye on bonuses. I used it to shop some sales the other day and things were more or less free after I cashed in my points.)

They don’t work for everyone though. If you shop from a very particular list or need to purchase specific brands for whatever the reason, you might not find the same cost savings. Yes, some things I’m picky about, but mostly I stick to what the better deal is. What are my stick tos? Mayonnaise has to be Hellmans if I’m buying it. I’ve broadened my tampon horizons, but I still have preferred ones in Tampax. Coke over Pepsi (actually if Pepsi is the cola option, I’ll chose something else entirely.)

Um, that might be it. Oh liquid ibuprofen capsules over tablets every time. There are some other ones like added sugar, crappy food coloring, companies don’t mark their maltodextrin etc. but again, just preferences.

That’s not to say I’ll be rude when it comes to others homes and events, but I definitely have my preferences if I’m paying for it.

Are you picky about anything in particular? I’d like to believe that I’m not picky about a lot of things, but I bet others can give you plenty of examples of times I was or am!

Oh, I remember what I wanted to tell you. You know how I basically want to know as much as humanly possible about as many topics as possible? I’ve had a lot of questions about Mormonism over the years. WELL! Last Podcast on the Left did a deep dive, 6 part series on it recently which I listened to during my drives. As per usual, they did a great job and it was fascinating.

Don’t worry, I’m not running off to join The Church, but I do have to run. It’s time to refill the magic bean water – maybe with some regular water for a bit. I hope you have a lovely weekend finding time to decompress, reasons to smile, lovely company to share, and great food to eat!


What day is it?

Right before I fell.
I tried again, though.
It’s what I do.

Holy bananas, it’s been awhile and so much has happened. Or maybe not, it’s hard to tell because my brain is fried to a mush.

It’s the kind of mush that left me feeling sad earlier this week when I went to get dressed and google told me it wasn’t Friday morning.

That was Tuesday. It’s been a long week.

Among other things which are still being kept quiet but are impactful on my psyche, you know how we made an offer on a house and it was accepted? Yeah? No bueno.

The inspection report came back so much worse than we thought it possibly could.  It was 71 pages of bad with lots of yellow and red highlights. (Also, I’m reasonably certain the listing misrepresented things like heating sources.)

Instead, we looked at and made an offer on a different, smaller house that still suits our needs quite nicely. It does need an extra half bathroom, but we can add that.

After some finagling (including a letter to the seller about who we are and why we wanted their house), we got it.

We have the inspection for this house on Monday, so I’ll report back. Thankfully, so much of the process is done already, it’s not starting from scratch.

It’s a really anxious process and I don’t like it at all. I’ve been managing my anxiety as best I can, but there have been texts to Nik or others of, “Tell me something good, I’m sliding into a panic attack” or something similar. I’ve been taking time to decompress, get out of my own head, and practice self care. Helping teach Thursday nights has been helpful because we have to keep the kids safe while having fun. Sundays are mostly for me or a teaching session and me unless someone makes plans with me otherwise. I’ve been busy with managing a fundraiser on behalf of Daddy-O, helping manage marketing and social media for yoga and Nik’s dad, picking green beans in the really hot, sticky, sun, starting to clean stuff out, and working through my yarn stash a bit.

(Why do the green beans have to be picked on the hottest, stickiest days?)

Hopefully the anxiety sorting and productivity now means less to do later! Or who knows, maybe I’ll have enough to do a craft show in the fall. I haven’t done one of those in awhile.

How are you managing your topsy turvy?

(While things are topsy turvy, you can follow me on Instagram for small glimpses into my world if you’re interested. I had to go private because of reasons, but if I know you, I’ll approve you.)

Join me for a cup of coffee?

No.2019-07-12_02-59-07 I have no idea what these little things are. (And they are tiny!) I also don’t really have the inclination to google them. I just like them and thought I would share them with you.

Sometimes it’s enough to just enjoy something without knowing everything about it.

So what’s in your cup today? Mine is the usual coffee with coconut/almond creamer. I’m trying to stay away from milk and cream because the last few times have been more than unpleasant and make my skin break out.

Ugh. I’m closing in on 40, you’d think the skin issues would clear up, right? If my friends and I are any indication, the answer is no, it does not.

So how have you been? Things are interesting around here so if I’ve missed a text or fb message, I am so so so sorry. Remember when I said it felt like things are changing? Well there’s a big possible change on the horizon if the inspections go well and the mortgage stuff gets final approval…


It’s a huge old farm house out in the country with acres, a lot of character, and a brand new kitchen. It needs work, but it’s mostly cosmetic, not construction so that’s a plus. We weren’t really planning on buying something right now, but Nik found it and we tentatively went to see it…and then back to see it. We asked around, a million questions, and decided to make an offer. There was some back and forth, but it got settled quickly.

Hopefully, it’ll be a smooth-ish and ultimately a great change.  But, if you’ve got any good thoughts and or prayers to spare could you send them our way for a reasonably smooth contract phase, good adjustment, and that Nik and I don’t kill each other picking out paint colors? I know it’s not like we’re facing something terrible and need them, but they’re still appreciated.


Join me for a cup of coffee?

Why, hello there! So glad you could join me for a coffee break today! How are you? I’m feeling bold and sassy thank you for asking.

Yes, this is my natural element during the week, screens in front of me, coffee in hand. If it’s not coffee, it’s ice cubes.

How has your week been? Ours has been a little crazy with softball practice, game, a concert, and another game tonight but it was mostly fun.

Well, fun other than the cold rain on Tuesday for the game. (They cancelled the t-ball game for the little kids, thankfully.  I’m not sure how that would have gone!)

You know, you’re not supposed to be able to see your breath in June, yet there we were! It was cold and wet. (I was thinking of offering the lady with the pod an incredible amount of money for her pod.) I definitely turned the shower on high and read some of my book there to warm up. I can’t wait to tell you about this one. (Unless it ends up stinking, but I don’t think it will.)

So, what’s in your cup today? I’m having regular coffee, but I think I’m going to have to go for a second one later. That one might be coconut flavored, or maybe toffee.

Why a second coffee today? Last night was a REALLY late night because the concert was at the Times Union Center with American Young Voices. 3,500 kids singing and almost the entire first level of the arena filled with people.

It didn’t matter that it was hard to understand the songs or that the seats were cramped. They really put on quite the show and  the kids had a great time. It was fun to see.

Just one of the fun moments.

Do you have anything good planned this weekend or coming week? We’re going to a wedding on Saturday and Sunday if I don’t have to teach, I’ll go to Nik’s parents and see how my greenbean plants are doing and whatever else needs to be done in the garden. Either the rain has made them grow in spades or drowned them.  It’s also getting close to being time for scapes! YAY!

Next week has two, possibly three softball games and a t-ball game but then a weekend without much planned as far as I know. (I’m really glad I’ve made some buddies at softball. We spend a lot of time together!) I can’t tell you how much I really love the weekends when we don’t have much planned. Thankfully, the Universe doles them out, pretty much, when we need them the most.

Do you love a weekend with few plans?

Well, have a great one! I have to get a glass of water before I can refill my coffee cup. It’s about balance, right?


Join me for a cup of coffee?

2019-05-31_11-01-22 Good morning to you! How’s it going? I’m so tired, but I can do the things today. Maybe.

Yes, I look tired. I’ve been sick and it comes with a nasty cough. The kind that catches you off guard while you’re sleeping and you wake up coughing, gagging, and gasping.  I’ve scared Nik and myself a couple of times so hopefully this gets out of my system soon.

How have you been? What’s in your cup? I have coffee flavored coffee with a little coconut creamer in it. I would like a blended dirty chai, but they’re not too friendly point wise. I’m really trying to do WW right. I’m spending the money so I need to put the work in!

How was your week? Ours was set up to be a doozie with something every single day after work, but it ended up not being as crazy as we thought. Mother nature was grumpy again and she cancelled a game and a practice. While I do enjoy watching the kiddos play ball, it was equally nice to be able to I was able to not have to be outside in the Cold Damp Land of Allergies.

Oh! This week I picked up a crochet hook and worked on some things. They’re not very inventive, but they’re pretty. I’m finishing up a couple of things I started which feels nice. I don’t know if they’re gifts or lists yet, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

A friend of mine read my post about being zapped and suggested I go back to my roots and see where the path took me this time. One of the first creative “things” I did, once upon a time, was work for my dad’s t-shirt company doing design and production. So CourtisCrafty has a tshirt shop now. I’m not expecting anything out of it, but it’s a nice little outlet and fun so far. If nothing else, some of it makes me giggle and it’s good practice.

Well, I must be off for a refill! Have a great weekend.




Join me for a cup of coffee?

pollen attack
Part of my current reality.

Wowzers that was a week! It had some good moments for sure, but there were some wicked challenges. We can talk about the weather or whoremones if you want, but let’s not talk about what’s going on in Alabama, Ohio, or Georgia right now. I like to keep Friday’s light and we don’t have all that much time today! Rest assured I have LOTS of thoughts on the matter and none of them are friendly.

What’s in your cup? I have decaf with a scoop of hot fudge. (See whoremones note above.) What? You’ve never done that? Man, stick with me. Sometimes if I’m out of creamer (or at my mom’s house where there is no milk) I add ice cream. Vanilla is okay, fudge ripple is better.)

So what’s new? That’s a lovely color you’re wearing. Why yes, I am wearing make-up on a Friday. I’ve put it on every day, except Monday, when I stayed home and slept all day.

Why would I do such a thing? Adri and I are trying to be more put together for work so we’ve challenged each other to make-up 5 days a week. That includes eyes, lips, a moisturizer*, and no ragged nails.

Sigh, we know, we know. We don’t have to do this. We’re lovely without it, and all those very nice things our friends and mothers say about us (that we only sometimes partially believe anyway – we have eyes! and mirrors!) but we are doing this. Proof is a picture sent before 10am.

Have I seen any results due to this little experiment of ours? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to see measure. My eyes are itchy. But everything is itchy right now because we’re in the middle of “pollen kill me now” season. People are complimenting me more on my outfits? Shrug. I will – maybe – admit the fine lines around my eyes are smoothing out a bit, but that might also be the extra water I’ve been trying to drink. Or because everything feels puffy, thankyouvermuchassholeallergies.

Anyway, I need more hot fudge in this coffee. Would you like some? Are you surviving Attack of the Pollen 2019?

Do you have anything planned for this weekend? If the weather holds up, we have t-ball, soft ball, a play, and I’m teaching 1-3pm on Sunday. Everything else is up in the air, but maybe a nap!

Have a great one! Acchoooo! Damnit, I need a tissue

*She made a clarification that moisturizer was actually something to put on, not just what was whatever I was using on my hands, put on my face. FINE THEN.