And I’m off again!

Crafting wands to Hart of Dixie

(I guess this never uploaded from the gas station parking lot last week.)

It’s been a couple of weeks since my turn and burn trip to DC for my grandpa’s 100th birthday memorial celebration. I feel like I haven’t been in the car enough lately so I’m driving out to Rochester today for a few days. I’m hoping to get in a trip to Wegmans while I’m there to hit up the hot bar and get some snacks.

It’s not quite a turn and burn, but it’s close. (I’ll be there for a little over 51 hours if all goes well.)

Although the trip is for work, I have to spring for this myself because the reason I’m coming back early is for N’s birthday!

It’s not a Carnival like last year, but we managed a few ideas we think she’ll really love (like a Sorting Hat, a dream catcher, and something new for her wall that I made myself with a little help from the internet!) I also tried to make wands, but I think the clay is NOT going to cooperate.  If not, I’ll remake them some other time.

I can only do so much when I lose 3 days to Rochester! I’m learning to accept that I might actually have limitations and require some sleep, occasionally.

Next weekend, I’m headed to Buffalo for a baby shower to welcome Tex into the world and family. While I haven’t decided if I’m staying over yet, that’ll be a quick trip regardless of if I stay or not.

(Of course, I’m hoping to get to Wegmans then too, but we’ll have to see how I feel about the drive home. The kids hope I go to Paula’s for donuts. Sigh, I miss donuts.)

Even though it’s a lot of driving, the car is surely better than the bus. I have the added bonus of one of my coworkers riding out with me. She’s pretty fab so it will be a good trip. Speaking of which, she just pulled in to meet me so I’m off to get back on the road.

After next weekend though, I’m taking a break from the road trips and Nik is driving everywhere for awhile.

Friday Five


Fithy! Look Doey, boo fithy!

I’ve been meaning to put fingers to keyboard lately and had some stuff planned to write, but my brain is foggy and the coughing is jarring the thought bubbles out of my head.


I don’t know that I have a lot to say today other than I’m thankful for my boss taking my presentation for today because it’s hard to breath, my ears hurt when my jaw moves, and my voice goes in and out. Damn summer colds.

Instead I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from my trip with Daddy-O to see my nephew. I hadn’t seen him in about a year, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sometimes if my parents are there, we’ll video chat, but he doesn’t KNOW Aunt Court. (Or Doey as he was calling me. He calls my dad DoDo instead of Gregg-O) Once I gave him ketchup for him to dip his waffles in (I know, gag!) we were super cool and buddies. (I might be the one who introduced him to ketchup on his eggs last year.)

So some of the highlights to seeing one of my favorite little dudes:

  1. Figuring out what “momomarc” was. O was asking for momomarc and although we were getting really good with understanding his language (I speak pretty good “Toddler” but 2 year old with a lisp, dropped consonants, and a little southern drawl took some effort. WORTH IT. His “Call Ma and Beel?” (My mom and step-dad, Bill) was just too cute! And pointing out all the trucks, talking about his daddy and playing I Spy was super cool. Momomarc had us stumped! He was so cute about it, “Momomarc, pweeeeasthe?” so we felt a little bad that we couldn’t make it happen. Finally, we pulled into Wal-mart for snacks and he said, “YAY!!! MOMOMARC!!!” Homeslice loves his Wal-mart.
  2. All of his snuggles and hugs. He’s a little love. Don’t get me wrong, he’s ALL boy. Rough and tumble, climb as high as he can, goes full force 98% of the time. Then he would curl up into me, both arms around my neck, patting my back or stroking my hair. He loves as hard as he plays.
  3. His laugh! I’ll see if I can pull the sound off one of the videos so you can hear it. It’s this little but loud, tinkle of a belly laugh.
  4. When his independent little self (and he is INDEPENDENT!) is unsure or nervous he reaches for your hand or leg and stands as close as he can. It wasn’t often (mostly in crowds or when there were big kids being rough around him) but it was reassuring that he was comfortable with us to reach out.
  5. How much he’s my brother’s son even though they don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like. My brother is an amazing dude and I’m already seeing the kindness, heart, helping hand, sense of humor, and intelligence from O. It’s pretty amazing.

Apparently he’s been talking about Dodo and Doey for days since we’ve been gone. I miss him terribly already – he’s the kind of little guy that totally changes the energy of the room. Hopefully, we can make plans to get together again soon. He very much wants to go to Doey and Dodo’s houses to play on the vroom vroom and meet The Girls. And we can’t forget a trip to Momomarc to look for Jeeps and big trucks.

I wonder what he’d think of the train that goes past my house a dozen times a day?

I don’t share blatant pics of O on my blog or social media at the request of my brother, but I have tons if you want to see some privately!

Coffee date


Today, I’m having a slushy because Daddy-O and I are on a road trip to see OG! They didn’t have any purple flavor slushy (which is my favorite) so I went with orange. Generally speaking, if it’s this hot out and slushies are an option, I’m having one.

Thanks for stopping by! What’s in your cup?

Being on the road with Daddy-O means I’m not at my desk on a Friday, again. It’s all good, I had a lot of vacation time saved up. I won’t be at my desk the next couple of Fridays either because of trainings. It does make the rest of the week a little more frantic, but it all works out.

Speaking of working out, I’ve been taking plank and dance party breaks here and there and tossing some Sun Salutations in when I have an extra min or two. 6 or so mini breaks of a few minutes each adds up, right?

Wednesday, I also chased the kids around the beach for a bit. We went to a lake not far from us to meet Nik’s cousin and his family. While plans didn’t work out as we hoped, the kids and I had fun in the water before we met up with them and a nice visit once we found them. It was a semi challenging day, but we all have those and we move on. By the way, I forgot how much work it was to run through thigh deep water!

My muscles are waking up again and protesting some. I’m sure more will wake up after chasing OG around this weekend. Home slice loves the playground, swings, slides, and the hotel has a water park.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything good? What’s your favorite piece of playground equipment? I love the swings.