Coffee date


Today, I’m having a slushy because Daddy-O and I are on a road trip to see OG! They didn’t have any purple flavor slushy (which is my favorite) so I went with orange. Generally speaking, if it’s this hot out and slushies are an option, I’m having one.

Thanks for stopping by! What’s in your cup?

Being on the road with Daddy-O means I’m not at my desk on a Friday, again. It’s all good, I had a lot of vacation time saved up. I won’t be at my desk the next couple of Fridays either because of trainings. It does make the rest of the week a little more frantic, but it all works out.

Speaking of working out, I’ve been taking plank and dance party breaks here and there and tossing some Sun Salutations in when I have an extra min or two. 6 or so mini breaks of a few minutes each adds up, right?

Wednesday, I also chased the kids around the beach for a bit. We went to a lake not far from us to meet Nik’s cousin and his family. While plans didn’t work out as we hoped, the kids and I had fun in the water before we met up with them and a nice visit once we found them. It was a semi challenging day, but we all have those and we move on. By the way, I forgot how much work it was to run through thigh deep water!

My muscles are waking up again and protesting some. I’m sure more will wake up after chasing OG around this weekend. Home slice loves the playground, swings, slides, and the hotel has a water park.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything good? What’s your favorite piece of playground equipment? I love the swings.