Checking in.

Oh, we got chickens too. G-d help me.

Well. Hi there.

Life is different now. I think you know that though? I’ll do a recap of March in the next few days, so let’s skip the recap part.

I know it’s late, but I haven’t felt like putting fingers to keys lately.

‘Rona, you’ve done us dirty.

Historically it seems like it’s time for something like this to happen, but we know better about these things so we should do better.

It would be helpful if people would do what they’re supposed to and stay home (for the most part) I get that it’s not fully realistic, but unless you HAVE to go somewhere? Please don’t!

The ironic part about my plea? I’m pretty sure anyone reading this is abiding by the “April distance brings May existence” motto.

(Thanks dude from fb who posted it first.)

You’re not the ones who need to hear it the most.

How much distance is needed though? There was a fb post about people not going for drives. But being on nature trails is okay? Go for the drive. Stay in the car.

I think the bigger problem is the hording, the government using human lives for political gain etc. That’s just yucky. Then again, it’s always felt yucky.

But I see a lot of good too. People helping, sharing, and making what needs to be made.

Maybe that’s why I’m okay. Or I was when I started this post 10 days ago. Stuff has changed in 10 days. I’m still okay, but it’s a weird okay.

Yesterday was harder than today, but today was more lonely. Some days are really hard. Some days less so.  But hey, that’s my usual, right? It just seems lower on the lows lately. Different (sometimes odd) things are triggering.

The loneliness is real.

I’m glad most of my friends are location independent, but it’s just not the same. There’s no hugs, no impromptu dinner with friends you run into at the pizza place – there’s barely a pizza place. There’s no scheduling dinner dates to sit and chat for hours. Yoga is closed and may not reopen at all…but I’m healthy and working so that’s good.

Most days I just feel like I’m going a little batty not being able to pop out to the store or meet friends for sushi, but we’ll have our time. Hopefully.

I’ve been working from home for 5 weeks now and it’s going decently well. I like it and I’m not as distracted as I thought I’d be. I also have the added bonus of better snacks and music than at the office and roughly three hours of my life back every day most days.

That part has been really nice.

I’m incredibly blessed in the job department currently. I got home from FL, went to the office, helped a couple of people get their remote stuff set up, and haven’t been back since. That was March 18th. Tomorrow is a full month that I’ve been home. There have been some bumps in that road, but over all, it’s been good.

I don’t know where I was going with this post other than to say that I’m okay. I’m keeping my world as normal as I can, helping with the kids half of the week, getting showered and dressed every day (you can see my outfits and coffee mug of the day in my Instagram Stories), and driving Nik nuts.

See? Pretty normal other than having to wear a mask when I leave the house and not going anywhere, ever.

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