Read it: 5 Library Books

I’m on vacation and hopefully have been reading my big eyes out on the couch or by the pool. 

One random day in January, I decided I needed to get a library card. Why I needed to have access to more books? I have no idea. But luck would have it, the local library had evening hours that night.

Over the course of January and February, I listened to or read the following books. I took out more than that, but returned them if I wasn’t interested in reading them.

Evie Drake Starts Over: A Novel (Linda Holmes)

Tl;dr: Former pro baseball player meets slightly odd fixer widow; romance ensues, they fix each other.

I liked the characters, even if there wasn’t much dimension. Then, you don’t always need depth to tell the story. It was funny, sarcastic, and decently written, but there wasn’t any braining going on on my part. It was cute if predictable, but what I needed to read after Mine.

Big Girl Panties (Stephanie Evanovich)

Tl;dr: Woman meets trainer; training; they fall in love. She’s not his type. They’re over it.

I’ve read this book before but still like it. Sure, it’s the ugly duckling meets romance novel trope, but with some funny writing and (mostly) likable characters. It irked me that the timeline didn’t mesh with The Sweet Spot, but meh. Also, hot guys can dig big chicks. It’s allowed.

Some of them I listened to in the car instead of podcasts.

Curious Minds (Janet Evanovich, Pheof Sutton)

Tl;dr: Finance chick assigned to quirky rich dude; adventure ensues. They get out of trouble and save the day.

The story was quite likable and funny. I’d have preferred to have read it, not listened to it. In my mind, the characters had specific voices which the narrator did not portray. However, the characters are quirky, fun, and I’m hoping they have many more adventures to take us on.

Dangerous Minds (Janet Evanovich)

Tl;dr:Finance chick assigned to quirky rich dude; adventure ensues. They get out of trouble and save the day.

Like Curious Minds, this was likable and funny. It introduced some new characters but let you get to know the rest better. It was more far fetched than the first one, but why not? There’s a budding unlikely romance brewing in a slightly more than cozy mystery kind of way.

The Sweet Spot (Stephanie Evanovich)

Tl;dr: Baseball player meets restaurant owner; she makes him work for dates; romance and scandal ensue.

Oh Amanda and Chase. I wanted to like this book more, but I didn’t love it. The whole thing was about games. His games, her games, their games. I liked how it took a kind of kink and normalized it so that maybe other good girls could get theirs too.

Using today’s Amazon prices for the above, my library card saved me $65.19 and lots of space on the shelf.

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